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Ah ha! Looks like you've been "driving around the 'net' with the top down, haven't you?" You've happened to stumble upon us; got questions?

From here, like many visitors, you'll most likely go on to "check out the tires" of many other sites that catch your fancy. But how do you plan to remember all our important "parts", and keep us separate when you're trying to decide the one (VA) you want?

We'll help!

Take a look here!

Our "dowloadables" are chock full of information about our company. Put your feet up, get comfortable, and read on...


Fact Sheets

Feel free to take one!

  • Konceptuality Company Profile
  • About Konceptuality Owner
  • Services
  • Got Questions?
  • Konceptuality Flyer
  • Press Release

  • Informational Packet

    The purpose for the Packet is two-fold; it will give you an opportunity to really get acquainted with how Konceptuality is prepared to meet your needs. Additionally, as you continue your "ride" around the web, you'll have something in front of you to compare to the other places you chance upon.

    This Packet includes such things as Fact Sheets about: Business Hours, a Description of Services, Pricing Structure, Cost Comparisons of a Full-time, In-house Position vs a Virtual Assistant, Confidentiality Statement, Contact information. And a whole lot more!

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    March 2006

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