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You have two minutes to decide, in order of priority, how we at Konceptuality can relieve some of the difficulties you experience with your proofreading, editing, writing and administrative support needs. What will you choose first?

Our hint is to take a quick "click" around; since we focus on ensuring that our Clients present error-free documents and correspondence while increasing their production, you’ll be very excited to learn how much we can do for you !


We at Konceptuality guide our Clients as they address any number of work-related anxieties and pressures. We recognize that sometimes "doing it alone" causes tensions to sneak in at odd times at the thought of facing edits at short deadlines and project turn-around time.

When Clients collaborate with us at Konceptuality, they’re ultimately assured they'll be relieved of many of those pressures that come with wrestling a large number of tasks at tense and frustrating times.

As we take on your editing and proofreading and your general office and administrative tasks,

  • Piles of your work slowly dissolve;
  • Work-related anxieties and pressures are minimized; and
  • You become more productive and better able to concentrate on looking toward your future business goals

  • Believe

  • We can assure your documents for public view are imaginative, that they’ll catch your client’s eye
  • We can review, edit or re-write your correspondence, and other miscellaneous documents before they hit your market
  • You’ll discover how to say good-bye to anxieties and tensions associated with short deadlines and project turn-around time
  • We can lessen, or rid you entirely of, the burden and frustration you experience with writing grants or finalizing business proposals
  • You're exactly where you want to be!

    Putting it all together

    Through the wonders of 21st century technology, Konceptuality, one of the leaders in virtual assistant consulting and administrative support, focuses attention and energy on providing small business owner coaches, speakers, marketers, and those anywhere in between--with affordable editorial and administrative support services --virtually.

    Like you, our clients are owners of businesses that may have lost some of their basic business sense or creative momentum, because they've been spread too thin!

    Konceptuality offers a combination of

  • "Kreative Konsulting", proofreading, Web site editing and other miscellaneous writing and research services;
  • Efficient and professional general administrative support, and
  • A reputation for putting our “creative prints” on a number of articles and newsletters that have run around the country, and
  • Pride at being fast, efficient, reliable, and client service-oriented

  • When all is said and done

    Let us have it! We at Konceptuality are waiting to discuss your needs for editorial and administrative support services.

  • We'll help you discover how to say bye-bye to the added stress you may experience when writing or editing under short deadlines and project turnaround time.

  • Let us tackle your editing yuck; you'll be more productive and better able to concentrate on other issues at hand.
  • And,

  • As an added bonus, we will take on any number of your pre-selected general administrative support duties.
  • Before you click away, take the time to contact us right now, right here at for a free consultation. It will be the best use you ever made of your mouse!



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    In a nutshell...

    Partner with us, and relieve some of the anxieties that come with doing your own proofreading and editing.

    We take the time to understand your needs and goals, and then help you to uncover solutions for them.

    You renew your enthusiasm and:

  • Meet your issues head-on
  • Look forward to what each new day brings

  • For more information about our editing, proofreading and admin support services, or to request a consultation click here.

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