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Konceptuality, an innovative and cutting edge solution designed to help Clients meet their editorial--proofreading and editing--and general administrative support services needs via the Internet, was founded in 2006 by Karen McGreevey, Owner and CEO.

  • McGreevey utilizes the tenets of exceptional proficiency in editorial review and experience in administrative office support responsibilities learned throughout a long-term, multi-industry career in the public, private, and non-profit sectors.
  • Prior to her “run away” from the “bricks and mortar” world, McGreevey achieved public distinction and personal satisfaction from writing grants to secure funding that totaled over a million dollars for a number of federal programs geared toward several aspects of Family Self-Sufficiency.

  • There's comfort in experience

    Karen McGreevey came to the Virtual Assistance industry to help small businesses and other self-employed entrepreneurs, like you, save time and money by managing their businesses efficiently and effectively.

    Now, with a rewarding professional career behind her, Karen is putting her impressive wealth of business knowledge, in many fields of interest, to work for herself.

  • The team has exceptional proficiency in editorial review and office support responsibilities.
  • At Konceptuality, we have the desire and superior proficiency to improve the editing and writing predicaments of coaches and speakers of small businesses, and other self-employed entrepreneurs, like you.
  • We provide consulting, copyediting and other miscellaneous and writing services to coaches and speakers, as well as small to mid-sized business owners.
  • Efficiently and professionally, we'll relieve you of your editing responsibilities; we’ll also take on your general office and administrative tasks.
  • Your work-related anxieties and pressures will be minimized; you’ll be more productive and better able to concentrate on your business needs. In particular, you’ll be free to work toward increasing your market-base and profits as you experience a renewed fervor to interact with your clients.


    Our future plans include: even better service and newer technology to make us the very best in our field. With our new plan to do this and that, and the other thing, our clients can only benefit from our success.

    Mission Statement

    As a Virtual Assistance Independent Konsulting firm, Konceptuality is committed to creating a partnership with small to mid-sized business owners, particularly those that specialize as coaches, authors, and speakers. Konceptuality’s key objectives and values are to provide its customers with high-quality, professional, efficient, editing and general administrative support services in a timely, affordable, and confidential manner.

    Let's see how Konceptuality can benefit you. Call or email today for a free consultation.

    You'll learn how Konceptuality can help you "kick aside" the "editing muck"--those work-related anxieties and tensions so often associated with short turn-around and other time-related constraints!

  • VA Revolutionary Business of the Month
    March 2008

    Karen McGreevey
    IVAA Member
    2006 - 2016

    IVAA Code of Ethics

    Mum's the Word!

    Our philosophy is that "your work" and what you do is "your" business.

    Thus, you can be assured that though we may be connected with you by whatever means, whether it's via the telephone, email, fax, or any other electronic or digital device, what goes on with your business stays your business!

    Because you have enough on your mind, also be assured that you are treated with integrity and the utmost respect.

    We're more than happy to discuss our Confidentiality policies. Contact us.

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